Does the IRS Think All Bitcoin Users are Tax Cheats?

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Forthcoming Book Review in Cato Journal Examines ‘The Bitcoin Standard’ A book review called “The Bitcoin Standard: A Missed Opportunity” is coming out later this year in the Cato Journal, an Austro-libertarian public policy journal. In the piece, its author Tyler Whirty looks at Dr. Saifedean Ammous’ increasingly popular The Bitcoin Standard, noting what he […] In fact, he’s the director of a research wing of the Cato Institute exploring alternatives to central banks. But bitcoin, he argued, “isn’t up to the task.” Ordinary people Bitcoin, the new digital currency, remains a mystery to many.There is no better way to lift the fog surrounding bitcoin than to let the data speak. And data speaks loudest through charts. Balaji Srinivasan, chief technology officer at Coinbase, calls the blockchain “a transnational, algorithmic regulator.” Speaking at the Fintech Unbound conference hosted by the Cato Institute, Srinivasan illustrates how profound the societal transformation will be once power is shifted away from centralized organizations to distributed ledgers. Recently, a non-profit known as the CATO Institute released its proposal reading the regulation of ICOs.Precisely, the proposal seeks for the formulation of laws that requires blockchain companies to clarify whether a cryptocurrency token issued during an ICO is a commodity or a security. The CATO Institute is a liberal think tank that concerns itself with matters of public advocacy in the ...

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Ryan Budget Has Competition - YouTube

subscribe for the latest issues about ; #financial crisis #oil price #petrol #global economic collapse #dollar collapse #gold #silver #bitcoin #etherium #cry... In the ongoing Fiscal Year 2015 budget talks, the most conservative Republicans in the House of Representatives are focusing on budget-balancing and deficit ... Experts say looming debt could lead to a financial crisis The federal debt held by the public totals more than $13 trillion, or about $107,000 per household in the United States, according to a ... The Global Financial Crisis of 2008, caused by the accumulation of excessive financial risk, inspired Satoshi Nakamoto to create Bitcoin. Now, more than ten years later, Decentralized Finance ... To comply with the 2005 Real ID Act, which the U.S. government has been slowly implementing for the past decade, citizens in a number of different U.S. state...