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How to earn 10USD/13CAD daily consistently in beermoney as a Canadian?

I'm a NEET with autism, depression, social anxiety, panic attacks and some agoraphobia (not full-blown. I leave my house like twice a week minimum. Usually at night). I've been out of work for 13 months now. My unemployment insurance was cut off 3 months ago, I don't qualify for welfare and I probably won't qualify for disability because you have to declare assets and I have savings from years of working (mostly part-time but some full-time) and a trust fund (it's not enough to support me for life though).
It's really difficult for me to hold down a job. I live with a parent to cut down on expenses. But I pay 127.60USD/month for auto insurance alone (auto insurance is expensive here in the Greater Toronto Area) and I live in the suburbs with my dad so I can't dump my car since you need a car to get around here. And I have other expenses. I'm trying to cut back as much as I can. But ultimately that's just putting a bandaid on a gaping flesh wound. I need income rolling in to stop the bleeding.
I've tried Swagbucks, Perk, Casho, GrabPoints, Clixsense, InstaGC, Cashcrate, Clickworker, coinworker, bitcoin faucets, dogecoin faucets, Coinurl, I tried gambling my bitcoin faucet money at crypto-currency casinos out of desperation too (I'm afraid that it might be against the rules to post ref links since I'm new to this sub and barely post on reddit in general but you can PM me for my ref links if you want to help me out. Sometimes referrals give you a kickback too.)
Swagbucks I make 90+SB/day minimum (0.90 CAD PayPal) to ensure I hit my first daily goal so that I can win the daily and streak bonuses. I barely shop at anymore (If you get the $25 gift card, 90 SB = 1.02CAD money) and I never shop on (90 SB = 1.02 USD Money = 1.45 CAD!!)
And there are so many rules involved with GCX (gift card exchange) that I feel discouraged as a Canadian wanting to earn some beermoney (or in my case, NEETbux). Like you have to be an active redditor but I haven't posted on reddit in over a month. Swagbucks and Perk gives the shaft to Canadians. They won't let you redeem in USD for PayPal. So Canadians get 21% less for the same work if they shop at instead of And they get 38% less for the same work if they want cash (PayPal)!! I cashed out 25CAD to PayPal recently and had a bitter taste in my mouth.
I ended up breaking my streak twice because the fuckers set the daily goal to 120 SB and it's so much work to make that much.
With Perk, apparently they give Canadians less points per video. And it's fucking 33250 points for a 25CAD PayPal ffs (1330 points/CAD). Meanwhile 24500 points gets you a 25CAD (980 points/CAD) or 25USD (980 points/USD = 770.32 points/CAD). Canadians get 21% less for the same work if they opt for and 42% less if they want cash!!! (PayPal). WTF
With Casho, they pay in USD (PayPal or bitcoin). Thus far I've made 1.72 USD in 6 days, cashed out 1 USD to my bitcoin wallet just to check if they pay. They do. You can cash out to PayPal at 2.50USD. You just install and run apps. Fast way to make money but the daily upper limit is low.
For GrabPoints, I barely every use it because I gave up on it. I'm at 716 points after a month or so. 1000 points = 1 USD. Whenever I get a notification for free points (usually 6-7), I take it. Can redeem PayPal at 3000 = $3. I think they pay in USD for PayPal to Canadians. I'll find out once I hit 3000 points I guess.)
I gave up on Clixsense, InstaGC, Cashcrate. Those don't seem to pay well. But maybe I'm just not using them correctly. They have surveys but I hate surveys. So much work for little reward and often times no reward.
Clickworker barely has any decent work for me. I'm at 2.72USD and need 10USD to cash out. I usually just do voice recording tasks when they come up. Those pay well.
Coinworker uses crowdflower and I got paid like 0.5c in satoshi for like 10 minutes work. You're better off with bitcoin faucets at that point ffs. So much work for little reward. 180 points = $1.80 minimum withdrawal.
Bitcoin faucets pay shit because they only get about 10-12 USD/1000 impressions from advertisers. I managed to make nearly 200k satoshi (>1 CAD) in a week. lol.
I also got a dogecoin wallet yesterday for the lulz. Dogecoin faucets pay shit too. But maybe these dogecoins will be worth something some day.
Coinurl gives me like fucking 150 satoshi max (that's like <0.001 CAD. lol) per click for content I share on social media. What a joke. And coinurl and ads annoy the shit out of people.
Amazon Mechanical Turk rejected me last month because I was Canadian. And I haven't received an e-mail from them offering me a spot even though other Canadians have been getting offers recently. I applied to Leapforce a month and a half ago and no reply. Lionsbridge didn't have jobs for English-speaking Canadians last I checked.
Equipment I have (for a potential farm)
Let me know what "strategy" I can use to make about 10USD/13CAD daily. I've heard about "Perk farms". But Perk has been nerfed to hell recently. So I don't know if it's even possible. Note: I have a 200 GB/month bandwidth cap too (fucking Rogers). Thanks. :)
TL;DR: Title is self-explanatory. Why does every beermoney service treat Canada like a red-headed stepchild and why do they have to give you a steep penalty for cashing out (PayPal) compared to getting gift cards when PayPal fees are only 30c + 2.9% per transaction?
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around $60 in about a week and a half, $49 of that from one site.

Opinion Outpost fillout surveys for points, redeem points for paypal, amazon gift cards, frequent flyer miles, a couple of others that i don't recall cause i only cash out to paypal. 100 pts = $1 on paypal, and most surveys are around 15-25 pts, plus every so often you'll get bonus pts. i've earned and successfully cashed out $49 in a little over a week. no referral system to worry about, about an hour a day should be fine, i keep doin surveys til i run out for the day. heads up, a couple of them will say stuff like "select 3 out of 10 for this" just to make sure you aren't clicking wildly but thats rare. $10 minimum FIRST payout to paypal, $3 minimum after that, transfers to paypal within minutes. [Opinion Outpost](
the rest of this is ways to earn bitcoin, but since the value tends to fluctuate its hard to say how much you could make, but my bitcoin wallet is at about $15 (combined from these sources) since i started.
Land of Bitcoin this one will take you to tons of faucets and (loosely) keep track of when they are ready to dispense again. i would recommend hiding faucets that don't payout to a or account, which is just a handful, mostly so that you can more easily keep track of all your loose satoshi floating around out there. i suggest creating an account and leaving the main page open, you'll get more free satoshi and if the faucet ever stops just enter the captcha and more free comin your way. also earned a decent amount playing the Kate poker free-rolls, but just a heads up it didn't adjust for daylight savings so you'll have to check Kate Poker for when the freerolls actually start Referral Non Referral
Earn Crypto this one is a bit of a mixed bag, you have to be careful about the offers it has or you'll wind up with a bit of spyware and such. do the surveys and account creation stuff (on a throw away email) for easy "crypto points" which can then be exchanged for Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Peercoin, Namecoin, you pretty much name it, even Linden for second life, seriously. Avoid the "supersonicad" section and do the Peanut surveys or the Crowdflower tasks and watch the occasional video for the most "crypto points" ever 1000 crypto can be exchanged for you preferred coin. i got 1400 points for creating a fake turbotax account in about 15 seconds. AVOID any offers that want you to download something or check your credit scores, for pretty much anything else a throwaway email is all youll need but i STRONGLY recommend just stickin to the peanut lab surveys. Referral Non Referral
Bit Chest a simple temp wallet and a list of consistently paying faucets that you can use ever 30 minutes will earn you the minimum payout of 5000 satoshi in a bout a day with very little effort. no muss, no fuss, NO SIGNUP, just enter a bitcoin wallet address
Qoinpro this is the only true faucet i've found in my opinion, but if you are a bitcoin person its also the lowest paying, relying more on referral system to actually earn you something. this site pays you Bitcoin(0.00000001), Litecoin (0.00000030), Feathercoin (0.00002419), Fedoracoin (0.39141087), and infinitecoin (0.02272727), in small amounts every 24 hours. people are pushing for them to add dogecoin to the faucet but its not there yet if you're a dogeperson Referral Non Referral
Freebitcoinz 2000 free satoshi ever 24 hours for just entering 2 captcha's. quick and simple. for every 1000 a referral earns you earn an additonal 250 Referral Non Referral
update: just wanna say thanks to everyone who clicked on my various referrals :)
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#7 Thinking of Crowd Funding your bitcoin/crypto project? Think Again. Tremor coin with Lebron James, Kobe Bryan & Michael Jordan via CrowdFlower Look at Advertisements and judge them! - Crowdflower YoCoin Web Wallet - How to Set Up a New Wallet 100000 ONLINE BITCOIN FREE EARNING DAILY WITHOUT INVESTMENT INSTANT PAYOUT

Crowdflower tasks are good and give much time. Big money Offers are hard, but I play game offers. I always complete ySense bonus 16%. A good site to refer people from my friend list. Cons: They removed PayPal, so now I can’t receive money anymore. Ads are removed, my referrals are not active now. $20 is big money to withdraw so I’m waiting to make $20 and withdraw to Payoneer. After submitting your Bitcoin address, you will have access to a variety of tasks, in the form of jobs, offers, or videos. Click on the task that you want to complete and follow the instructions. Once you have completed a task, your bits will be credited within a few minutes. You can view your balance anytime by clicking on the icon in the top right corner of the page. CrowdFlower Tasks: These are small tasks, similar to what Amazon’s Mechanical Turk does. You will be given small things to do online – look up someone’s LinkedIn profile and other Facebook profile and determine if it’s the same person. Or solve some new forms of captcha. Or look up some keywords in Google and note the ranking of individual pages. Or look up a restaurant location. Or ... CrowdFlower is one of crowdsourcing solutions industry leaders. Instead of operating on their own platform they have choose to publish the tasks on other partner websites. At this point there are 50+ websites featuring CrowdFlower tasks. I’ve had a guess and doing the research for this article it was confirmed : not all platforms pay the same amount of money for the same task … Crowdsourcing is when a site, such as Crowdflower , has various grouped tasks to be done in exchange for Bitcoin or some other currency. Typically they'll have a job with hundreds or even a thousand microtasks that multiple people can perform at once. Here is a list of sites with various tasks and activities and even work to get your Bitcoins! Once you have signed up to a few of these, you can ...

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#7 Thinking of Crowd Funding your bitcoin/crypto project? Think Again.

This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Most Bitcoin faucets work by paying out tiny fractions of a Bitcoin in exchange for loading a page full of ads. There are also sites that pay Bitcoins for watching videos or doing crowd-sourced tasks. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Thinking of Crowd funding your bitcoin/crypto project? Think Again. Think Again. Learn from someone who has raised several million dollars in several crowd funding projects before you start your ... Here is how I made ~2000 coins in real time by completing Lebron James, Kobe Bryan, Michael Jordan, Stephen Curry, James Harden & Blake Griffin easy tasks on crowdflower. This is in real time, I ...