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Unapologetically Misinformed: It's Time We Do Better

You know what I have a problem with? Black and brown people who choose to remain misinformed and blind to the fact that there is a world outside of their front doors. Having joined the millions of cryptoinvestors this year, we are faced with the unfortunate fact that our black and brown brothers and sisters are missing in the cryptospace. Oh, this is not one of those 'we're being left out because of systemic racism or a ploy by the government to keep its foot on our necks' articles. This is an in your face, get off your ass and start making your money work- for-you piece.
If I had a Bitcoin for every piece of misinformation that has come across my timeline on social media or in conversation, I could afford a fleet of lambos. 😂 Okay, but back to the issue at hand. I am sick of us being so quick to turn our nose up towards and talk down against things that we do not understand because our sister's ex-boyfriend's cousin read an article in 2015 about Bitcoin's past. So, let's get that ish out the way right now, so we can move the hell on...finally.
Due to no fault of its own, Bitcoin has a shady past. That's right, Bitcoin was used to fund several criminal operations on various dark websites to include the infamous, Silkroad. No one is denying that and it is not a secret! Additionally, there are several early adopters and developers who have been prosecuted for their part in facilitating, both directly and indirectly, shady transactions with Bitcoin in the past. Frankly speaking, if you won't condemn the dollar (fiat currency) that was used to purchase slaves, drugs, and other illegal things; don't come for Bitcoin. Place the blame at the feet of the unscrupulous characters who took advantage of the system, not the currency or technology itself. Got it?!
Introduced in 2009, Bitcoin was developed by Satoshi Nakamoto as a decentralized peer-to-peer payment system. Simply put, this digital currency allows for you to finally pay me the money you owe without having to involve the banks or an alternate third party. (So, pay up sucka!) Transactions are verified through a network of nodes (computers running software) using cryptography on the public ledger in blocks, referred to as blockchain. Unlike financial institutions, this process ensures the currency is available to be spent and avoids double-spending. Bitcoin as the first cryptocurrency has paved the way for over 1,000 cryptocurrencies and assets supporting industries ranging from oil, banking, privacy, logistics, legal cannabis, porn, music, insurance, healthcare, lending, social networking, and marketing. Before you ask, yes Bitcoin and several other altcoins are currently being accepted at merchants worldwide for various products and services to include real estate, automobiles, food, music, business services, and vacations to name a few. Namely, popular merchants such as Overstock, Craigslist, Subway, Newegg, Microsoft, and a host of others have started accepting Bitcoin, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.
Do yourself and your family a favor and skip the BS hyperbole from people and organizations who speak against Bitcoin, but praise other coins or foster ulterior motives to include filing patents for blockchain and investing in crypto themselves, who are clueless, etc (*cough, I'm talking to you Ver, Dimon, The Root, and CNBC). Oh and no, the time has not passed for you to be able to invest. While I am not a financial advisor, I recommend reading white papers and prospectus from various coins and assets you choose to invest your money before doing so. With a total market cap of $613,736,825,869, understand that cryptocurrency is a volatile market, whose value at this time, is largely based on speculation. Many people are investing without doing their homework and can't tell you the difference between wallet types, how and where to purchase crypto or why withdrawal fees are at an all-time high. These are the same people who lose money panicking when the dips and corrections happen instead of researching why these things occur. Look at this as an opportunity to start generating generational wealth. In doing so please keep in mind, it is not recommended to invest more than you can afford to lose.
Besides, if it wasn't valuable why are major corporations investing in blockchain technology and developing their own coins?
In conclusion, articles such as the latest published by Michael Harriot of The Root titled, "Bitcoin and Why White Supremacists Love It, Explained" is complete and utter bullshit and he should be ashamed of himself. It is rhetoric such as this that poisons our communities and serves as how WE are sometimes our own worst enemy. Not only did he get the basics wrong, the article was so far left that I rolled my eyes damn near every sentence. Oh, and we won't even mention the misguided and ill-informed commenters. I, however, will extend a heartfelt for-the-culture chest pound to the chest comments to the people who are clearly in the cryptospace who did their best to dispell the foolery Michael spewed. Do better! Publishing ish like this proves you are not your brother's keeper!
Oh trust, there will be more coming soon as I feel that I must do my part to help others.
Stay Dope,
Satoshi's Black Daughter
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Rightwing loonwatch with some epic copypasta

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Russo, but muh Max Keiser, but muh MK Ultra, but muh
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Savaşçı 100.Bölüm İlk Sahne - YouTube RANT!! BITCOIN BRINGS WITH IT WORLD PEACE!!! FINAL WAR, BITCOIN VS DOLLAR INDEX!! Uncovering the dark side of cryptocurrency  60 Minutes ... Black Box Life Insurance Commercial #1 Why Japan Arrests Foreigners - YouTube

Isaiah Jackson is the author of the book 'Bitcoin and Black America'. Aleks Svetski is the founder of The Amber App, an app that allows users to make regular purchases of bitcoin (Dollar Cost Average), as well as an outspoken critic of the 'Black Lives Matter' movement and other collectivist ideologies. As with so many social issues these days, it seems as though conversations which discuss ... For the newbs: Bitcoin is a non-sovereign, hard cap supply, global, immutable, decentralized and completely digital store of value, held by many as an insurance policy against the irresponsibility ... The previous two bitcoin halvings propelled rallies of about 10,000% from late 2012 to 2014, and roughly 2,500% from mid-2016 to the currency's all-time high just shy of $20,000 in December 2017 ... Chubb Insurance will provide an annual cyber-liability cover that will cost Baltimore $500,103 in premiums. AXA XL Insurance will also provide a similar cover but at a lower premium – $335,000. The total premiums will amount to $835,103, with an assessment being conducted yearly. In this Friday, Dec. 8, 2017, photo, coins are displayed next to a Bitcoin ATM in Hong Kong. The Canadian Press/AP/Kin Cheung Stocks were jolted Friday following news President Donald Trump tested positive for coronavirus. But in a move counter to the often-touted narrative that the dominant ...

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Savaşçı 100.Bölüm İlk Sahne - YouTube

BITCOIN BEN PATREON https: ... $10,000 Life Insurance Discount Vision Services Discount Hearing Services Travel Services Prayer Requests Prescription Discounts Tax Services Entertainment Discounts ... BUNDAN SONRAKİ PAYLAŞIMLARIMIZI MAVİ LİNKTEKİ BAGLANTIDA PAYLAŞACAGIZ LİNKİ TIKLA VE ABONE OL https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQzx5u6p9V9mD7XPu4UMNfA?view_a... Understanding Japanese laws to avoid foreigner tourist arrests. Thanks to Squarespace, get 10% Off: https://www.squarespace.com/paolofromtokyo The Japanese j... The price of Bitcoin is now rapidly retreating, but true believers say there are going to be many more digital goldrushes just like it. As Tom Steinfort disc... BUNDAN SONRAKİ PAYLAŞIMLARIMIZI MAVİ LİNKTEKİ BAGLANTIDA PAYLAŞACAGIZ LİNKİ TIKLA VE ABONE OL https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQzx5u6p9V9mD7XPu4UMNfA?view_a...