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New to altcoins, care to help?

Until 3 weeks ago, I only ever had known of Bitcoin and Litecoin. Now that I am aware of all these other currencies, I'm excited and a bit overwhelmed. Would you care to submit your favorite cryptocurrency, how to set up a local wallet for it (I'm on Ubuntu and at present I have bitcoin-qt, litecoin-qt, and ppcoin-qt), good faucets, other tips, etc? My knowledge other than how to use wallets and conduct basic transactions is lacking. Also links to various thorough articles on mining, mining rigs, software, various currencies, etc would be appreciated. I'm very enthusiastic about the idea of cryptocurrencies, and I'm hoping that soon I can get a ton of wallets going and learn the differences between various coins.
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PPCoin or Peercoin is the cryptocurrency with the fourth highest market cap after Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Namecoin. It is the first known iteration of a combined proof-of-stake/proof-of-work coin.
It is designed to be energy efficient in the long run, have a steady inflation rate of one percent per year, and (through proof-of-stake) be free of dependence on miners.
/PPCoin FAQ, wiki
Official website, FAQ, wiki
Wikipedia article
Important facts
Getting started
Walkthrough for Peercoin wallet setup
PPCoin.org faucet (free Peercoins)
PPCoinTalk marketplace
List of exchanges and other services
All support two-factor authentication.
USD converter (peerco.in)
Cryptocurrency value tracker (altco.in)
Ticker for Chrome (Creator's announcement thread)
Ticker for Firefox (Creator on reddit)
BitcoinTalk.org (alternative currencies section)
Related subreddits
BitcoinTip (Quick Start Guide)
BitcoinTip and ALTcoinTip enabled on /PPCoin.
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Getting started with bitcoins help

I want to know everything. As to where to generate an address from, how to secure your bitcoins, faucets, and other things. I've looked around before I posted this but when I searched it was generally about stories about bitcoins and how people were mining them ect..
Edit: also could somebody explain what litecoin,ppcoin and Namecoin is?
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