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ProgPoW resources


May 2, 2018 EIPs/ at master · ethereum/EIPs · GitHub
May 3, 2018 ProgPOW/ at master · ifdefelse/ProgPOW · GitHub
May 3, 2018 EIP-ProgPoW: a Programmatic Proof-of-Work - EIPs - Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians
May 29, 2018 The Problem with Proof of Work - K. L. Minehan - Medium
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February 14, 2019 Council of Denver - HackMD
February 17, 2019 The Miners Benchmark ProgPoW - Theodor Ghannam - Medium
February 21, 2019 Ethereum ProgPoW Explained - Crypto Mining Blog
March 18, 2019 13 Questions about Ethereum’s Movement to ProgPow by Jon Stevens - Medium
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March 28, 2019 My stance on Progpow by Martin Holst Swende
March 30, 2019 The Cost of ASIC Design - IfDefElse - Medium
April 12, 2019 Ethereum ProgPoW Update - Crypto Mining Blog
September 23, 2019 In Defense of ProgPow : ethereum
February 4, 2020 Antminer E3 Stops Mining Ethereum Classic, Just Over a Month Remaining for Ethereum - Crypto Mining Blog

Ethereum Magicians

August 2, 2108 Final Request From the GPU Mining Community - EIPs - Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians
August 26, 2018 EIP-1355: Ethash 1a - EIPs - Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians
September 3, 2108 What has to be done to get ProgPoW on Ethereum - EIPs - Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians
January 1, 2019 Guidelines for ProgPow Hardware Developers - Primordial Soup - Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians
February 2, 2019 On the progpow audit - Action Item - Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians
March 3, 2019 My technical take on ProgPow’s weakest link - EIPs - Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians
March 4, 2019 Governance concerns after listening to ~all ProgPow discussions on Core Dev calls - Process Improvement - Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians
March 29, 2019 Motion to NOT include ProgPow without audit - EIPs - Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians
March 30, 2109 ProgPoW - A Compilation of Reference Material - Core EIPs - Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians
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July 8, 2019 Ensuring ETH 1.x’s Success Without Disenfranchising The Community - Ethereum 1.x Ring - Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians
August 8, 2019 EIP-centric forking - Process Improvement - Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians


October 8, 2018 Cardano Rust Project | Petro Public Sale | ProgPow | WSJ Attacks Shapeshift (October 2nd, 2018) - YouTube
October 23 2018 Ethereum Mining News | FPGA’s Mining | ProgPoW LIKELY | Profitability | Hard Fork Delayed 2019 - YouTube
December 13, 2018 Why ProgPoW is BAD for Ethereum - YouTube
December 19, 2018 Bitcoin Rallies Towards 4k - Why? Ethereum Launches ProgPoW GPU Mining Testnet | New HD Minable Coin - YouTube
January 4, 2019 Ethereum moving to PROGPOW! What’s it mean for Miners? - YouTube
January 4, 2019 Ethereum ProgPoW CONFIRMED! - YouTube
January 5, 2019 Mining on the ProgPoW Gangnam Ethereum Testnet! - YouTube
January 6, 2019 6 x Asus RX 570 4GB ProgPoW Gangnam Ethereum Testnet TEST! - YouTube
January 7, 2019 ProgPOW Explained - A Brave New World for Ethereum Miners? - YouTube
January 20, 2019 CES2019 - North American Bitcoin Conference - GRIN / BEAM - PROGPOW and more! - YouTube
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February 19, 2019 Ethereum Hard Fork Soon? ProgPoW Voting? - YouTube
February 20, 2019 ProgPoW Merged Into Parity Ethereum | ETHNews Brief - YouTube
February 25, 2019 How does R7 370, R9 380,380x,390 and more perform on PROGPOW and other Cryptocurrencies in 2019? - YouTube
March 7, 2019 PROGPOW Explained in under 4 min. & why it matters to GPU Miners - YouTube
March 19, 2019 What is BBT doing with PROGPOW, Why all of the testing? - YouTube
March 25, 2019 eVGA RTX 2080Ti FTW3 11GB DDR6 Cryptocurrency Performance Test PROGPOW ETH RVN BEAM GRIN29 GRIN31 - YouTube
March 29, 2019 Ethereum & ProgPoW… What Is Going On? - YouTube
May 2, 2019 Ethereum ProgPow Audit Has Been Funded & Approved - YouTube
July 5, 2019 Mining News! Monero RandomX | Ethereum ProgPoW 2019 Update | Grin Embraces ASIC miners | Zel Zelhash - YouTube
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September 13, 2019 Ethereum ProgPoW Algorithm Audits Finalized - YouTube
September 24, 2019 An Argument Against ProgPoW a Day - Part 1 - YouTube
October 4, 2019 82 - Defending ProgPoW with Kristy-Leigh Minehan - YouTube
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December 26, 2019 Panel: Least Authority’s ProgPoW Audit (Devcon5) - YouTube


April 11, 2019
September 10, 2019
September 25, 2019
October 4, 2019

Official Updates

May 18, 2019 Dev Call #38 - May 18, 2018
August 24, 2018 Dev Call #45 - August 24, 2018
September 28, 2018 Dev Call #47 - September 28, 2018
January 4, 2019 Dev Call #52 - January 4, 2019
January 18, 2019 Dev Call#53 - January 18, 2019
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February 11, 2019 Ethereum Cat Herders Update#1 : EthereumCatHerders
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September 6, 2019 Dev Call #70 - September 6, 2019
November 1, 2019 Dev Call #74 - November 1, 2019
December 13, 2019 Dev Call #77 - December 13, 2019
January 24, 2019 Dev Call #79 - January 24, 2020
February 21, 2020 Dev Call#81 - February 21, 2020

News Articles

January 4, 2019 Ethereum Core Devs to Move Forward With ASIC-Resistant PoW Algorithm
January 5, 2019 Ethereum (ETH) Developers Plan to Implement ASIC-Resistant Proof of Work Mining Algorithm
January 7, 2019 BREAKING: Ethereum Classic (ETC) Hit With 51 Percent Attack A Week Before Ethereum (ETH) Constantinople Hard Fork – Crypto.IQ | Bitcoin and Investment News from Inside Experts You Can Trust
January 8, 2019 ETH Dev Suggests Moving to ‘ASIC-Friendly Algorithm’ After ProgPoW Decision
January 8, 2019 Ethereum Miner Linzhi Calls Out Project Coders for Proposed ASIC Ban - CoinDesk
January 8, 2019 Ethereum (ETH) Core Developers Propose an ASIC Resistant Upgrade - Ethereum World News
January 9, 2019 Ethereum Classic (ETC) 51% attack proof that shitcoins have no hope of succeeding? | CaptainAltcoin
January 9, 2019 What’s ProgPoW? Meet the hot new debate in the Ethereum community |
January 18, 2019 Ethereum Core Devs Constantinople Meeting to Be Held on Jan 18
February 1, 2019 Ethereum Core Dev Call #54: Waiting for ProgPoW - The Block
February 3, 2019 Will Ethereum Adopt ‘ProgPoW,’ the ASIC-Resistant Mining Algorithm? | CryptoSlate
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February 15, 2019 Recompensas por minería en Ethereum llegan a mínimo histórico | CriptoNoticias
February 28, 2019 Coinhive dice adiós a la minería web por caída del mercado | CriptoNoticias
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March 12, 2019 Ethereum’s ProgPoW Mining Change to Be Considered for Istanbul Upgrade - CoinDesk
March 14, 2019 As ProgPoW Aimed at Stopping ASIC Mining Gets Supporting Votes, New Conspiracies and Debates Appear
March 15, 2019 Ethereum’s ProgPow Mining Change Approved Again, But Timeline Unclear - CoinDesk
March 17, 2019 Ethereum Devs Once Again Approve ASIC-Resistant Algorithm ProgPoW
March 18, 2019 Ethereum (ETH) to Be ASIC-Resistant, No Date Set However - Cryptovest
March 27, 2019 Aumentan desacuerdos en Ethereum por decisión de avanzar con ProgPoW | CriptoNoticias
March 29, 2019 Bitmain Co-founder, Jihan Wu: ASIC Miners Makes a Blockchain Network More Decentralized - Coindoo
April 8, 2019 A Fight Over Specialized Chips Threatens an Ethereum Split | WIRED
April 26, 2019 Funding Approved for Audit of Ethereum’s ProgPoW Mining Proposal - CoinDesk
April 28, 2019 Ethereum Core Devs: Funding for ProgPoW 3rd-Party Audit Approved
April 20, 2019 Ethereum’s Recent Decline in Hashrate ‘Not Surprising’: Cyber Threat Expert Explains | CryptoGlobe
June 14, 2019 Proposed Ethereum Istanbul Hard Fork Combed With A Fine Tooth at Cat Herders Meeting
July 13, 2019 ¿Qué es ProgPoW? La propuesta de algoritmo contra mineros ASIC en Ethereum | CriptoNoticias
August 17, 2019 Ethereum: ProgPow will be activated on the mainnet next year as a part of Istanbul 2 - AMBCrypto
August 18, 2019 Ethereum’s ProgPoW To Be Released The First Quarter Of 2020 | UseTheBitcoin
August 19, 2019 Ethereum to Switch to ProgPoW Mining Algorithm in Upcoming Istanbul Hard Fork
September 8, 2019 Ethereum: ProgPoW high level design goals are reasonable towards achieving its intended economic effect - AMBCrypto
September 11, 2019 Chinese Firm Linzhi Set To Mass Produce Ethereum and ETC ASIC Miners As Tests Go Live
September 18, 2019 Ethereum ProgPOW author uninvited from ETC Summit due to Craig Wright association | CryptoSlate
September 19, 2019 Ethereum reveals launch dates for testing Istanbul - Decrypt
September 19, 2019 Hashing Out: ProgPoW Debate Kicks Up in Ethereum Community Again
September 19, 2019 ETC Summit Invitees List Has No Space for Kristy Minehan
September 22, 2019 Ethereum ProgPoW upgrade causing chain split more likely to be from the user side instead of the miner side - AMBCrypto
September 23, 2019 ProgPow advocate uninvited to Ethereum Classic Summit over links to Craig Wright
September 24, 2019 ProgPoW backer steps down from controversial role - Decrypt
September 25, 2019 ProgPOW author steps down as Core Scientific CTO, vows to implement algorithm on Ethereum | CryptoSlate
September 25, 2019 Ethereum ProgPoW proponent Kristy-Leigh Minehan steps down citing perceived conflict of interest - AMBCrypto
September 25, 2019 Core Scientific CTO Steps Down To Push Through Ethereum ProgPOW
September 25, 2019 ProgPoW author Kristy-Leigh Minehan resigns as CTO of Core Scientific | Cryptopolitan
September 26, 2019 New Ethereum ASIC dominates GPU mining performance | CryptoSlate
September 26, 2019 New Ethereum ASIC Fuels Discord Among Ethereum Community
September 28, 2019 The (alleged) plot against the Ethereum network - Decrypt
October 9, 2019 ProgPoW, the Algorithm Dividing the Ethereum Community: a GPU Manufacturer Ploy? - Ethereum World News
October 9, 2019 Ethereum Hard Fork Is Coming — Here’s What You Need to Know About ‘Istanbul’ – BeInCrypto October 27, 2019 Ethereum ProgPoW’s raison d’etre: To be or not to be - AMBCrypto
November 4, 2019 Aragon Opposes Change to Ethereum’s Mining Algorithm Before 2.0 Version
November 7, 2019 Aragon community against Ethereum ProgPOW
November 8, 2019 Ethereum Istanbul Hard Fork Release Date Confirmed By Core Developer
November 16, 2019 Ethereum ProgPoW audit contributors on Gitcoin to be refunded in full - AMBCrypto
November 26, 2019 Ethereum’s Buterin: PoW algorithms offering medium-level ASIC resistance can be created - AMBCrypto
December 17, 2019 Ethereum devs move ProgPoW into ‘Eligible for Inclusion’ list - AMBCrypto
January 1, 2020 [Is the ASIC Resistance dream closer to reality, despite claims of it being a myth? - AMBCrypto](
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I used to sell a lot of steam games online at various sites (ebay, gameflip, etc) Well Ive stumbled across a couple of my older documents that i kept inventory on and im here to give them away. I dont know which ones are good still, and i dont even know what some of them are. All of the codes may work, maybe just a few, or maybe not any at all, I really have no way of telling as these seemed to have slipped my intense ocd inventory spreadsheets i used and I switched to selling xbox one and ps4 games codes and such and no longer have a need for anything steam related. So enjoy please. The only thing I ask is that if you tested a code that worked please comment or leave a upvote. Thanks guys, enjoy!
(P.s.) i have a few of these lists and will be posting everything steam i still have.
(P.s.s.) sorry for the horrible formatting in this post. Its not copying my format over when I paste the lists.
Grid 2 T340Y-D9I6I-K0BVK GRID 2 - Bathurst Track Pack NMV00-M8IN8-8ETQ3 GRID 2 - Spa-Francorchamps Track Pack NJE5F-ZT6QK-HZDX9 Two Worlds Epic Edition Z77WT-HVEG8-GYDJ5 X-Blades TLDA4-ZZW0X-HNHLV Planets Under Attack B0YRE-28LQQ-ANLTH The I of the Dragon J27Z0-EM466-XEQM8 Iron Sky: Invasion 5LJLW-G9ZCR-0YILE Battle vs Chess 4PAP4-67ZNA-IFQ4Y Earth 2150 Trilogy KHA6R-P0PRI-J9Y85 KnightShift / Knights of Work IQRM2-P70RI-NR0ZM Septerra Core Z4WNJ-FJFQ8-CYXF7 DEATHS MAZE | HPCH8-QP99F-HN2DX Adventure Rage | T9FY9-P2CVX-0TJ34 Neon Cat Tickler | DXFC4-2W22Z-QY23I Casual Penalty | IYNN9-XV29Y-24CF5 Old Edge I | A9LI7-L25T9-C6XFA Stickman Destruction 2 | YMJ47-V6C6A-306FF Athopiu - The Final Rebirth of Hopeless Incarnate | G3J26-F9XY9-N26YV Stunt Hill | 6XG6I-GKBGG-326CE Huygens Principle | 9HP9V-3Y2J6-CLDW9 PUSSY 2 | D352P-PRZ93-M6QAL Go Kart Survival | M49JE-XZ58X-Q35C5 Occult preRaise | FIHL2-3VA89-HLDPB Arcane preRaise | Z9H2A-3M9R8-XWBTZ SEXUAL PUZZLE | IJXR3-9LDN8-VK405 Harmless Skeleton | 6RXHE-JYN35-V44X6 Joy Pony | E0A6R-N476Q-RYMYG Paint Skills | MMN6Q-4HM99-5H2VA TARGET | C2M5L-50VX3-26JBW MoonDigger | 5W0X3-XC7WJ-8C6WY MEGALONIA | VLWCQ-5YJX4-5K0Q9 The Scarecrow | B5Q48-TDJG6-GCKRL Zombow | CPCN8-559DB-0DPP6 Lopp | 9H8ZX-D56F0-BA8WI Strange Things | J8DY7-XQM3X-57W5V YAGZZ! | Z0ZVI-A6X39-P52D9 Spheroid | 658IR-HJKLZ-TV0PD web spice | 6L7F8-MBBYH-2N95D Erotic girls match 3 | 72HX2-MRID9-WB8VC Occult Raise | JPZFZ-7NEV0-75V3B The Putinland: Divide & Conquer | 7V5F8-RZ6DV-L9LTY Your Ball Exploded | 98LEP-HZW0C-Q77Z9 Garshasp: Temple of the Dragon | F807B-BZZWD-0A4H6 Mover | XLIDW-P808Y-VX0ZR Eon Fleet | PI809-2M30N-GAL7B Clergyman | HA7W5-82E3R-NFM95 Lock Parsing 2 | C88Q0-HDKXF-KNQ5F The Old Kazulka | 88PZ4-R32X8-ZHALK Spherecraft | ZVPEX-X6M43-8QJ92 Star Sweet | DLMJV-Z4X60-9Y0E4 Boat Adventure | MK9PE-E95V9-5ZL5D Guess who ? | W7389-QPIG8-E23MW Horny Fighter | I3W9B-Z56A9-NX8G3 My zero trip | TD3P2-FFCEP-TTFWI Orwell: Keeping an Eye On You:JD2P6-LTZ3V-Q02XJ Favorite Miner | YRDZK-EAXGQ-RV04J Flow:The Sliding | 3GLV7-R33QF-E5DVH Kinaman vs Gray Elephant | ADXCQ-GKHYB-XCAE4 Maniac GO | R0M4W-37W9E-F7TTJ Ghost Killer | IDH48-XBB3X-GEE2V Achievement Hunter: Cromulent | AYDFA-WCCBT-LQDRB Polaris | VKFRF-G9HTY-J800N JAILBREAK | A8HX0-TNXLX-V9ANI Cunning Fox | WD7XF-H6EBN-G30H9 Goat Life | AV0GB-Z5N89-EJ464 Athopiu - The Final Rebirth of Hopeless Incarnate | 88JZ8-6DAR2-KA9LG draw_love | Q04KI-YXR78-LWXK7 Finger Ninja | V69MJ-WZFCP-0QYDG FPS - Fun Puzzle Shooter 8CJ7L-VQ24R-8EF3L A Story About My Uncle | GJR29-QZAKR-WFF2C Draw_Love | IWDDJ-KNYJ5-H7MDM !Dead Pixels Adventure! | 8QHEH-KRFZ3-K2MNW Grav Grav Gravity | 77Z2R-0V2DJ-H9CFZ HENTAI IDOL | FLDAX-RRRFH-AXIDR Sinister Zombies | 35ZE3-E4RVF-Z2BV7 Stickman_in_the_Portal | QL6G2-MM4XT-AN0AG krAsAvA Shot | YEPHR-JZBBT-N37X4 Hentai Loli 3D | 2BIDR-VNDD5-2CKME Injured_by_space | EAKQY-59RNZ-E0E6W Hentai Shooter 3D Christmas Party | 59WF7-XBEIB-TF5ZD FORGOTTEN IN HELL | NRY2G-ITLQ6-V7RFI SEXUAL PUZZLE | ZA62G-W7ZVB-Q6JZ3 Stunt Hill | BZEFR-NARQX-HTCXY Aquarium Simulator | N7727-FW775-TKT4E 100 dollars | NH7EF-TW064-8QEDW Triggering Simulator | WAWEX-EMHCD-MCY50 FlowThe Sliding | LZI2H-XQG2T-AI7JP Battle vs Chess | C6ANG-F5XDJ-CMC3K Learn to Drive on Moto Wars | 2D23Y-9RFB4-XXDHI Halloween Girl | 0JWDX-4PBBV-IHVZ0 RUSSIA HORROR 20!8 | TY85A-C7JEG-RK4B0 HENTAI IDOL | FLFT9-74Y97-CA2KV StepX | F6WN4-HLZ2V-VQ4Q3 Ghost Killer | 8XEKD-DA5C4-IKEKA Capture the planet Cute War | 332VQ-HAJEI-PHXGA AOK_Adventures_Of_Kok | RHYL6-EF8GB-V7ZLM Thunderbolt | AWPMM-F0C48-30TRV Grav Grav Gravity | AEN7J-7G4LH-T2AA2 JellyNoid | F5EL2-5WHMI-EX0FX Tompi Jones | BWTPY-A59XY-DM3B8 !4RC4N01D! 4: KOHBEEP edition | PBMFZ-VRCPX-TEHC4 Iron Sky: Invasion | DG36Y-ZGLWW-D0N5M Tumblestone - trial | NNGZM-PRVAM-CBWPB Age of Wonders 3 III | VJKVV-RCX8Q-MFGCL Battle vs Chess | 0ZMFL-EGWBB-VRB3G Two Worlds II 2 Castle Defense | 2G774-37W3C-BYX9V !Dead Pixels Adventure! | 9GBK7-EVTQ9-JL58J Occult Raise | CCVJW-9BBCY-LYF7J 03.04 | 4ZKB6-HKFIA-HDWZE 100 dollars | XXT3W-XC69L-FCR2F 100 euro | WNYAR-LPCG4-BNCNT 1vs1 Battle Royale for the throne | X47MG-9PAW6-M5ADW 4RC4N01D | HL4I8-AVXNX-RMJHF Adventure Rage | NEINZ-GNDGR-9GGI9 Anime Solitaire | KWT3X-4NJ65-MQAV0 AOK_Adventures_Of_Kok | ZZ4YT-HFAHB-HK42H Aquarium Simulator | A3V0D-7NL06-IAZWI Arcane RERaise | W3FB3-KIYBE-97073 Athopiu - The Final Rebirth of Hopeless Incarnate | QL946-64AJA-KEKE8 Aviation_Hurricane_Storm | LZD0G-LC503-HIMEC Baikonur Space | V2WNZ-MNTDE-8P26R Bitcoin Clicker | CDN38-9PDN8-ZW8JK Boy Knight | JK3CP-6TJI7-68A8F Bubble Strike | 3DEN3-5JWF0-IAQVQ Bullet Life 2010 | RDGFF-ZEA4L-IFH3P Call_of_Otechestvo_Donbass | 4YFTI-NZ76W-M8EED Capture the planet Cute War | TFQMA-3BE6L-XZF4Z Combat Raccoon | EN0D6-VNRTF-MNTRB Cyber Fight | 6337V-74X3J-PEDXA Degrees | DLAJ5-3CYID-A5N4G Dots | MCWL7-T5LGL-60N5V Draw_Love | LYRPP-04LQF-32GNX Endless Maneuver | 90IGF-WRT8T-QQ4BK ERTX 2080TI Mining clicker | N09A7-3IN0N-4E6JV Escape from pyramid | I0GYY-YAFTL-ENH3W Finder | 43XH4-J08GI-Z49E7 FlowThe Sliding | MKAN5-LLPKB-WDRXT FPS - Fun Puzzle Shooter 3RE3E-4Y2G7-JX047 Ghost Killer | XMTBY-98H03-724P7 Glitch Simulator 2018 | LWE4L-HPGLM-6J5HZ Grav Grav Gravity | WXAI4-VW29V-M3G9L Guess_who | 9B80Y-YFWFJ-9VL6X Halloween Girl | INE5L-JBB7V-NWGCB Inaccessible world | Q8PY6-VE7HN-3PBRZ Inferno Puzzle | R6JI0-TQTL0-RL8ML Infinitely up 3 | 6X8BR-60H3E-7RR2F Infinitely up 5 | DR7ZI-EPJGR-8XBF8 Infinitely_up_4 | MMHMX-RR2P8-JMVF5 Injured_by_space | GE8P9-4N0D0-ILIPH Vendetta Curse of Raven's Cry | B95CT-WWW8T-5KLVE Battle vs Chess | 2JGAH-F7WYQ-D3GY7 Iron Sky: Invasion | FJNPK-DDBX4-3NGYP Two Worlds II Castle Defense | 6N5I3-2CFEN-DFXKK Planet under attack | 7AILT-5AQX6-QF4VG 3Switched | 5JH9M-GNK79-RG9IE Sinister Zombies | TL5P3-7KQ55-MJI0E Piggy Poggy Pog | GE0FX-38TDV-XI7ID Mountain Troll | LIZJR-IM0QD-RMG32 V nekotorom tsarstve | 4A0MY-5T25L-30XED The Old Kazulka | 93DVJ-BYDCW-ZB7HC Manipulator of Figure | 0BGQT-5I86J-AATP6 Stickman - Killer of Apples | V355N-A7DI9-6FG20 Little Arena | KAZEB-8EZLH-6VC6N City Escaper | L6J00-69TXA-QR38N Smart Mummy | G6VDM-MTMA9-CPJV6 ROAD OF DANGER | YV5NY-IJCVV-3XKVW The Battle for the Hut | VRRQW-T6895-68IX6 Coin Pusher | NNJTP-I2APB-XHYJE Through Blocks | WNNQ8-Z58YK-WLM9A Thunderbolt | EWBFT-6CHP4-DYMI0 Unstoppable Hamster | PTJNP-V7X9J-Y9L68 Planet Unknown Runner | 2P5LF-IARWB-X39R7 World Inside Out | YFH90-PMQAF-BK8W8 + Soundtrack | TI2AC-EY3JB-B5JGE Protect Me | X0WQ3-DMV7K-YQ908 Christmas Mission | 4TYMH-95G89-2LG9L Reroll: Back to the throne | DF98Q-F4WPQ-79IYB Solar System | C364G-KIZX5-7IVCK Aquarium Simulator | JPMYI-MZBDK-49XG3 Anime Solitaire | 2AQRY-6WE4W-XVXR8 Clergyman | P3JAI-PWM42-0Z6FW SurvivalZ | W6J25-HDTYK-LKKRY Anime Solitaire | E4NXH-66278-MJXN3 Dungeons Of Kremlin: Remastered | XC584-WE46T-QBMBN Corrupt - Political Simulator | BD7HB-6D9L0-FMXP9 Mutate! | AJJJG-83WQ8-FDTZN Cunning Fox | 3PYKQ-YHBLK-KYF94 Werewolf Life | WHKIQ-HF3GQ-DRVMV Combat Raccoon | 9GIF5-7XZJC-EG5AR Geometry Rush | C83DP-CWICM-RX80L Cyber Fight | LEX4G-Q0L33-DY0WN FACE | KJ6GP-M4JJK-FQQDQ Cute Hedgehog | H9XYR-6VM2Y-GP4Z0 Crazy Alien | RJ07X-VN8PC-3ZL4T Dots | E0HEA-IZ5TF-DANZ8 Big Surprise | W7H9Y-J7T4Q-DFPVV Ecchi Girls | CF03P-EW4DT-5WA26 Stickman - Killer of Apples | 7HJZB-4NH88-7I8N3 Favorite Miner | QV6B8-439R2-AWKH6 Bunny Hop | 6K26I-28YBN-YBWZT draw_love | PGBLA-I6FRY-G7LGB Aik's Cheese Adventures | YXF3D-MRK4Z-QATQQ Christmas Mission | T9AM3-LNBZA-3M498 Reroll: Back to the throne | 8J6AT-2KDAE-7J78A Harmless Skeleton | T5FKZ-TQATI-IBMK8 Dolphins-cyborgs and open space | 7KAMW-W97D6-BC65W The Last Hope: Atomic Bomb - Crypto War | TE54G-E44E8-JT2QE O! 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Monthly Nano News: December 2019 + Year Recap Special

This is what NANO has been up to lately. I don't think I lie if I say it has been quite an amazing year!
See you soon and happy new year! Something nice is coming soon that I have been working on for a while, stay tuned..

December 2019

November 2019

October 2019

September 2019

August 2019

July 2019

June 2019

May 2019

Apr 2019

Mar 2019

Feb 2019

Jan 2019

More news here:
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"Nobody is using Bitcoin Cash!"

I just saw this video clip of Bitcoin Core thought leader John Carvahalo in which he says "even though the blocks are bigger, nobody is using Bitcoin Cash."
Scrolling through the last week or so of this BCH news feed on Telegram, here are just a few recent developments that demonstrate that not only is Carvahalo totally wrong, but that there is a whole lot more activity happening on Bitcoin Cash than on his Lightning Network obsession:
All of this stuff just happened in the last week or two! ('m sure I've missed things, please comment other developments below.
Meanwhile in the world of Lightning Network:
tl;dr The people who constantly repeat the nonsense claim that nothing is happening on BCH are either clueless or deceitful.
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Digitala plånböcker växer som svampar.

Digitala plånböcker växer som svampar.
Digitala plånböcker multiplicerar och växer som svampar.
Antalet digitala plånböcker har ökat sedan sedan skapandet av den virtuella Bitcoin-valutan 2009 och antalet användare passerar nu över 44 miljoner fördelade på 28 stycken leverantörer av Blockchain-plånböcker i slutet av december 2019. Blockchain är tekniken som gjort Bitcoin populär och är den kritiska delen av nästan alla kryptovalutor. Det låter kanske lyxigt med en digital plånbok, men det är en enkel programmering. Men det är som det låter, en plats där du förvarar dina pengar. (/se listan längre ner. )
Ett "block" i det här fallet hänvisar till ett register över ägarna till alla bitcoins, liksom de tidigare ägarna. Eftersom den här visar "kedjan" av ägande och distribueras globalt är det extremt svårt att ändra ägarregistret. En "plånbok" i digital mening innebär ett lager av säkerhet som kallas "tokenization". Användaren lagrar sina personuppgifter hos plånbok leverantören på ett digitalt konto eller e-plånbok. Denna leverantör skickar i sin tur betalningsinformation till andra leverantörer i form av ett “token”. Den ställer in så att varje token innehåller den del av din personliga information till mottagarparten tillräckligt för att plånbok leverantören ska koppla transaktioner till rätt konto, vanligtvis ett kontonummer. Så i praktiken skulle man kunna säga att du öppnar ett digitalt bankkonto utan några vidare komplikationer, enkelt, snabbt och så mycket mer användarvänligare. e-Plånböcker erbjuder olika typer av betalkort med fördelen att du kan betala i kryptovalutor, eller växlar in din krypto till fiat valuta (den valuta som utfärdas av staten) när du betalar i butiker.
Jag är delaktig i flera projekt där konceptet plånböcker blir multifunktionella mot andra sidokedjor. Om du är intresserad av att köpa eller investera i kryptovalutor kommer du att behöva en digital plånbok. Men sedan Bitcoin lanserades så har ett grått moln svävat över begreppet Kryptovalutor, dels för att det hanterats oreglerat vilket är lite av poängen med blockchain valutor där ägarna till valutan äger makten och inte en centraliserad institut. En egenskap Blockchain har vilket må irritera många. Varje gång du hör på nyheterna om att Bitcoin stulits är det aldrig från själva blockchain utan från de digitala plånböckerna som ger dig access till Bitcoin. Här följer några rekommenderade plånböcker.TrezorBlockchain WalletEthereumBTC WalletAtomic Wallet
FiatI det här avseendet är det inte bilen vi pratar om utan dess faktiska betydelse. Ordet betyder “Auktoritativt beslut” nästan lika starkt som lagförd sanktion. I valutans avseende kan man tolka det som “Påtvingad Valuta”
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Groestlcoin 6th Anniversary Release


Dear Groestlers, it goes without saying that 2020 has been a difficult time for millions of people worldwide. The groestlcoin team would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone our best to everyone coping with the direct and indirect effects of COVID-19. Let it bring out the best in us all and show that collectively, we can conquer anything.
The centralised banks and our national governments are facing unprecedented times with interest rates worldwide dropping to record lows in places. Rest assured that this can only strengthen the fundamentals of all decentralised cryptocurrencies and the vision that was seeded with Satoshi's Bitcoin whitepaper over 10 years ago. Despite everything that has been thrown at us this year, the show must go on and the team will still progress and advance to continue the momentum that we have developed over the past 6 years.
In addition to this, we'd like to remind you all that this is Groestlcoin's 6th Birthday release! In terms of price there have been some crazy highs and lows over the years (with highs of around $2.60 and lows of $0.000077!), but in terms of value– Groestlcoin just keeps getting more valuable! In these uncertain times, one thing remains clear – Groestlcoin will keep going and keep innovating regardless. On with what has been worked on and completed over the past few months.

UPDATED - Groestlcoin Core 2.18.2

This is a major release of Groestlcoin Core with many protocol level improvements and code optimizations, featuring the technical equivalent of Bitcoin v0.18.2 but with Groestlcoin-specific patches. On a general level, most of what is new is a new 'Groestlcoin-wallet' tool which is now distributed alongside Groestlcoin Core's other executables.
NOTE: The 'Account' API has been removed from this version which was typically used in some tip bots. Please ensure you check the release notes from 2.17.2 for details on replacing this functionality.

How to Upgrade?

If you are running an older version, shut it down. Wait until it has completely shut down (which might take a few minutes for older versions), then run the installer.
If you are running an older version, shut it down. Wait until it has completely shut down (which might take a few minutes for older versions), run the dmg and drag Groestlcoin Core to Applications.

Other Linux


Download the Windows Installer (64 bit) here
Download the Windows Installer (32 bit) here
Download the Windows binaries (64 bit) here
Download the Windows binaries (32 bit) here
Download the OSX Installer here
Download the OSX binaries here
Download the Linux binaries (64 bit) here
Download the Linux binaries (32 bit) here
Download the ARM Linux binaries (64 bit) here
Download the ARM Linux binaries (32 bit) here


ALL NEW - Groestlcoin Moonshine iOS/Android Wallet

Built with React Native, Moonshine utilizes Electrum-GRS's JSON-RPC methods to interact with the Groestlcoin network.
GRS Moonshine's intended use is as a hot wallet. Meaning, your keys are only as safe as the device you install this wallet on. As with any hot wallet, please ensure that you keep only a small, responsible amount of Groestlcoin on it at any given time.





ALL NEW! – HODL GRS Android Wallet

HODL GRS connects directly to the Groestlcoin network using SPV mode and doesn't rely on servers that can be hacked or disabled.
HODL GRS utilizes AES hardware encryption, app sandboxing, and the latest security features to protect users from malware, browser security holes, and even physical theft. Private keys are stored only in the secure enclave of the user's phone, inaccessible to anyone other than the user.
Simplicity and ease-of-use is the core design principle of HODL GRS. A simple recovery phrase (which we call a Backup Recovery Key) is all that is needed to restore the user's wallet if they ever lose or replace their device. HODL GRS is deterministic, which means the user's balance and transaction history can be recovered just from the backup recovery key.



Main Release (Main Net)
Testnet Release


ALL NEW! – GroestlcoinSeed Savior

Groestlcoin Seed Savior is a tool for recovering BIP39 seed phrases.
This tool is meant to help users with recovering a slightly incorrect Groestlcoin mnemonic phrase (AKA backup or seed). You can enter an existing BIP39 mnemonic and get derived addresses in various formats.
To find out if one of the suggested addresses is the right one, you can click on the suggested address to check the address' transaction history on a block explorer.


Live Version (Not Recommended)



ALL NEW! – Vanity Search Vanity Address Generator

NOTE: NVidia GPU or any CPU only. AMD graphics cards will not work with this address generator.
VanitySearch is a command-line Segwit-capable vanity Groestlcoin address generator. Add unique flair when you tell people to send Groestlcoin. Alternatively, VanitySearch can be used to generate random addresses offline.
If you're tired of the random, cryptic addresses generated by regular groestlcoin clients, then VanitySearch is the right choice for you to create a more personalized address.
VanitySearch is a groestlcoin address prefix finder. If you want to generate safe private keys, use the -s option to enter your passphrase which will be used for generating a base key as for BIP38 standard (VanitySearch.exe -s "My PassPhrase" FXPref). You can also use VanitySearch.exe -ps "My PassPhrase" which will add a crypto secure seed to your passphrase.
VanitySearch may not compute a good grid size for your GPU, so try different values using -g option in order to get the best performances. If you want to use GPUs and CPUs together, you may have best performances by keeping one CPU core for handling GPU(s)/CPU exchanges (use -t option to set the number of CPU threads).





ALL NEW! – Groestlcoin EasyVanity 2020

Groestlcoin EasyVanity 2020 is a windows app built from the ground-up and makes it easier than ever before to create your very own bespoke bech32 address(es) when whilst not connected to the internet.
If you're tired of the random, cryptic bech32 addresses generated by regular Groestlcoin clients, then Groestlcoin EasyVanity2020 is the right choice for you to create a more personalised bech32 address. This 2020 version uses the new VanitySearch to generate not only legacy addresses (F prefix) but also Bech32 addresses (grs1 prefix).




Remastered! – Groestlcoin WPF Desktop Wallet (v2.19.0.18)

Groestlcoin WPF is an alternative full node client with optional lightweight 'thin-client' mode based on WPF. Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is one of Microsoft's latest approaches to a GUI framework, used with the .NET framework. Its main advantages over the original Groestlcoin client include support for exporting blockchain.dat and including a lite wallet mode.
This wallet was previously deprecated but has been brought back to life with modern standards.


Remastered Improvements



ALL NEW! – BIP39 Key Tool

Groestlcoin BIP39 Key Tool is a GUI interface for generating Groestlcoin public and private keys. It is a standalone tool which can be used offline.



Linux :
 pip3 install -r requirements.txt python3 bip39\ 


ALL NEW! – Electrum Personal Server

Groestlcoin Electrum Personal Server aims to make using Electrum Groestlcoin wallet more secure and more private. It makes it easy to connect your Electrum-GRS wallet to your own full node.
It is an implementation of the Electrum-grs server protocol which fulfils the specific need of using the Electrum-grs wallet backed by a full node, but without the heavyweight server backend, for a single user. It allows the user to benefit from all Groestlcoin Core's resource-saving features like pruning, blocks only and disabled txindex. All Electrum-GRS's feature-richness like hardware wallet integration, multi-signature wallets, offline signing, seed recovery phrases, coin control and so on can still be used, but connected only to the user's own full node.
Full node wallets are important in Groestlcoin because they are a big part of what makes the system be trust-less. No longer do people have to trust a financial institution like a bank or PayPal, they can run software on their own computers. If Groestlcoin is digital gold, then a full node wallet is your own personal goldsmith who checks for you that received payments are genuine.
Full node wallets are also important for privacy. Using Electrum-GRS under default configuration requires it to send (hashes of) all your Groestlcoin addresses to some server. That server can then easily spy on your transactions. Full node wallets like Groestlcoin Electrum Personal Server would download the entire blockchain and scan it for the user's own addresses, and therefore don't reveal to anyone else which Groestlcoin addresses they are interested in.
Groestlcoin Electrum Personal Server can also broadcast transactions through Tor which improves privacy by resisting traffic analysis for broadcasted transactions which can link the IP address of the user to the transaction. If enabled this would happen transparently whenever the user simply clicks "Send" on a transaction in Electrum-grs wallet.
Note: Currently Groestlcoin Electrum Personal Server can only accept one connection at a time.



Linux / OSX (Instructions)


UPDATED – Android Wallet 7.38.1 - Main Net + Test Net

The app allows you to send and receive Groestlcoin on your device using QR codes and URI links.
When using this app, please back up your wallet and email them to yourself! This will save your wallet in a password protected file. Then your coins can be retrieved even if you lose your phone.



Main Net
Main Net (FDroid)
Test Net


UPDATED – Groestlcoin Sentinel 3.5.06 (Android)

Groestlcoin Sentinel is a great solution for anyone who wants the convenience and utility of a hot wallet for receiving payments directly into their cold storage (or hardware wallets).
Sentinel accepts XPUB's, YPUB'S, ZPUB's and individual Groestlcoin address. Once added you will be able to view balances, view transactions, and (in the case of XPUB's, YPUB's and ZPUB's) deterministically generate addresses for that wallet.
Groestlcoin Sentinel is a fork of Groestlcoin Samourai Wallet with all spending and transaction building code removed.




UPDATED – P2Pool Test Net



Pre-Hosted Testnet P2Pool is available via


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To address concerns about my identity

Doubts about my identity seem to crop up, so I like to address all those once more. Hopefully in a comprehensive way.
First of all, to explain the situation from my article again, is my go-to service. Usually, 24h is plenty and suffices to timestamp everything.
But in this case, Core went quickly ahead with release information, which made the 24h window (due to fees) too small to conclusively prove ownership on the BTC chain.
But let's have a look in detail. This is the text that I wrote:
BitcoinABC does not check for duplicate inputs when processing a block, only when inserting a transaction into the mempool. This is dangerous as blocks can be generated with duplicate transactions and then sent through e.g. compact block missing transactions and avoid hitting the mempool, creating money out of thin air. awemany 
If you SHA256 this, it calculates to: 5c45a1ba957362a2ba97c9f8c48d4d59d4fa990945b7094a8d2a98c3a91ed9b6
Exhibit A: I timestamped that here:
Note that there is a timestamp when it entered their system, which is before anything else became public and which is:
17.9.2018, 14:54:19 CEST
It shows it in your local time zone in your browser, a fact that Peter Todd apparently tripped over as well:
Scroll down to "Submission to OriginStamp" at the end.
This timestamp is, however, just from their service and thus centralized. But if you think I faked that, that would mean that I must have hacked their service in time to do so. In the last few days. Furthermore, the window for this hack would be quite small, as there is also a later submission into the blockchain. So if you doubt this information alone, it would mean I'd had to hack the service in time (within a few hours window) just to claim this identity, leave no trace of all of this, face the risk of being called out by the true finder of the bug (who'd be different then) and write this long article ...
But there's more:
Exhibit B: For anyone who is a member of the BU slack, I posted a message that was the above hash (as I said in my medium article) and which is still sitting unedited on the slack as well, in the #general channel. There are likely several hundred members of this slack, and all of them who read it should have seen this message in time. I believe there are also (well-behaved) Core supporters in there. I would need to have hacked that service in an undetected way as well and fool or collude with all active members therein as well. That now creates a pretty big collusion, don't you think?
Exhibit C: Finally, let me close with this PGP signed message. I created a PGP key just to keep my identity separate, at least for a while, from my main pseudonym awemany. And in the email I send out to the developers, I have added myself as a recipient. Even though the message has not been signed (I didn't see any reason to do so at the time of release), my full key id is still in this message. And that is, as far as I know, a 128-bit hash for which it is practically impossible to find a preimage for. This explicit 'encrypt-to-self' is because I fucked up with PGP encryption in the past (because, as I say in my article, mistakes just happen) and I wanted to at least be able to read my own encrypted message later. I have created sitations for myself where I wasn't able to read my own encrypted emails. Yes, call me a crypto noob, say PEBKAC or whatever, it is exactly an example of why I am saying that I am not perfect but so is no one else!
Here is this message, which I am sure anyone owning the original disclosure email is happy for you to confirm that it is the same key id:
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA512 This messsage is signed by the beardnboobies GPG key that I created just in time for the vulnerability disclosure. In reality, I am awemany on reddit and elsewhere. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQGzBAEBCgAdFiEERGszUXtt2s3Wfkt1yydp8d93NcQFAlumBkAACgkQyydp8d93 NcQvegwAmcfqKSp/RZVE6HIyN9gbxa5oz2YFaaoeVCoQTsDZPX08zjBjp7jzMUGW izraVk+yOz8Yxdv7re8G+CBqnpgfpNvMoHPe75bgoyKzavTtukVSScDUHZ9Tu9D7 xQcfWnwZhsUjsTsxFD7B6PLAWzeh7cA3d0xUwrFJoa//hlOylnlC/76cbBspqSll ispvQgBcEM6NfKvmCTb9LItts2/QrXX891LK9I4vPC1WpOrXPA9lNnuuP8/S/ey9 O7iqwW+oCwGKLELQJE58hgwt7keQukrPEfwUtBXACW77gtk1dXaxRL5RqCkmMsMn rBMkTGmjDit+AVE/5oW+flds8/Hq+kQDXUZfaLbnOrleW50LTTi+etA/PPhHxe45 CUD7Jm8d2LbTIjFWsZT/Rq2Djsy3gBcHeKqFMRXEBI7WoFe431q38gVSyfvbCrPR R4AJsg2eGgysu0E/SZecHHULc4CU6RdLmCRrORRSv1T9tOyJcRpfwRlE4FnT9LTC /+5v9mXI =k2oE -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- 
And here is the public key which matches that key Id and which has likewise not been made public yet:
-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- mQGNBFufufgBDADJ3N5xocCOSyRrF42nvrujUZXRPnaq+X3E0GjNlCwuCFZELNE9 l950cR4l+sNFbjcvWtlCgAdHPAggED3ZeutTO3fAIClN+LOgnyEF4txjdG72j9L4 NnCVMfKhT2yc7JZQh3lS+GHFSBS8joLq09GxllTORvdawuW34yzV4rzFZZ3NfK+/ 8BtNAf+nXvtafugw4Nlln5LPvGna9bmh/74RlZTAJeV52a/WsucBQ7kVuWTAERMy N+DuvUIxh7gG9KbSQXsPQ+1ZleO9+nWJs4pgX3ro6ZRMYvN9jeJsDjx2uQoL77zM RwMKNis5ifxnkHmExOG01SQxz3j9tw1anC8dFi2zs9jlr+qjUofSUT0RctKNJlga BgDV1dsu8dg11xxo4slH93D5LqJJs3lg+RjxHeWE6Oxvpz4SQpU+sLT4T73xOh/d GDw4UmLMUgKjjlYexVhlNk6FUamAkpYzuTgN35AeUt1iGj9D9XAbbi0G3MjKYSX6 tPkBC5h7XIGDzGcAEQEAAbQuQmVhcmQnbidib29iaWVzIDxiZWFyZG5ib29iaWVz QHByb3Rvbm1haWwuY29tPokB1AQTAQoAPhYhBERrM1F7bdrN1n5LdcsnafHfdzXE BQJbn7n4AhsDBQkDwmcABQsJCAcCBhUKCQgLAgQWAgMBAh4BAheAAAoJEMsnafHf dzXEi0gMAL0StgXSH4mbHPeyj0pJOmzOpEsfm7S05EKoGnMzmB/ZfCxag9YvDSSQ Jz28jOmPIrnLLkuOFcf0BnSKmys2WbEpGm5SgRU0anSTiiaTy2RjPa8eC34F6X/q LjgJ6J4hvOoDkQAjOzfspayRjRmFewNzssMHn6JC2NWvP+8+nClsJA959E9rxJ5F xaPmPZ9g4AJFah/vpRXbv44JQGbjr42CdB2JUTYW3rd7WjYFdcGcPU0UQhRQSflL 2ZOCw8bJCdPRRXpy2xTewTPE4eVcrclvmbKDhDbDNkY9cqDSPqag2JG8GoPsl3Ym 33uwzN1Y5qkocfGoVxr3eEEFQgkPnqX27OyGAL1+MoEOYuLuhUaNX2E/WmPZwtU3 E5JdjdIRfVfzI+oWs6Mfn1mbxeePBikjHgNgr4vs2+DkujeenS8UsD5Y6qrk9Ypt Erh5GRT0BauSSV52U3mEboMyxRHriObFT+BQAK0cJ4ZZ9aAUVLZcC4TXps2PKcjZ ozJYgvFm1rkBjQRbn7n4AQwAx7JiWJSuwAidK0AcPS2kt5gpzsESgxq1qyoeELYg tNb6G2SihbFj4hVMjc8Ol+a0wtcd+3D7Wcyu5EDbfnIydfmytIvF6CABWCkKtulG lxKSydMg16QGMwWixqTLRo1FoCdAzvKJktTshIlARoRt1cII/5n0C+Ny33kdm809 c+5EPFW22Hu5cNZR6xjYkONoM+Gw9JVIo5O9DY1l2s7qaQhnnTQDMBJLZjtOVFZF l/QQjnM5SJZr7lkzNMOgdA3saCbjk7NVMnV8ledLHYZguR3lDfsfdwWvw9Q3tEp9 Ii5P3AHzzV7eu0g6T7xpjV4LNssP1abvrBBd/RFfA6A3ec9wXEWTk2ewXpZLkicm 9VBy3nsz5bedoAvcyTVB0HF80yHbo99eSwEUenlrs0K0Yv97hxJ2ioPrhx4y7M9Q XRWRXFRaLBgLT5GxvIs9jRWJq7jwtKknA7GSun06UFKnOmiT81dmVf4Dne1F9y/R U7ld9Doo7IARUYP11/twEh5HABEBAAGJAbwEGAEKACYWIQREazNRe23azdZ+S3XL J2nx33c1xAUCW5+5+AIbDAUJA8JnAAAKCRDLJ2nx33c1xMiGDACbqHLuXMZ2937O aDfuchIYJ7BoqLiY+Po0V78jenYcx4pXXnau2rL44f02B6nV5RK21b+PwFDX+SMh usQfAYdBBRxIb0uDePKx2/Vb0UC5yb456eprYBXOIN7odl0J68PpjUQik5kqizig n/vyrIMMQehnFFee88xdSUYK495I6URJtIp6YLCYoalFs49l3szLJZK57OcCmfsR gzQbBIsPqQ7uqKZlGYZY9a/PYEZd3Lb6qLF693jZyNjDZ8IIfBjvJa3ZwJiTtNXi NknfmW2KcokFljOa5Fvs6Gu11Q9KpbVRpkKeHF79TSN5lPSwvBjsBbx9j4KoFBum yNNQTclRMe+AWHfcnoIXooFemiv27n6HEwoFEyoKm3ita1V+RiDuZ1e3FEA4zUPO XlZv6e7p+Cd0coP4FDWR5mq1ck+SOFoFuqNrqpEIumrHEC4wKcIA7iy/jJ5frgab UjEcFa/MBAaZ7If9+3kHh2kpfPwLOT+7Mm7i9kD1Yu3UBvwoYOE= =DyTh -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- 
I am not going to disclose the original email just yet, because there is exploit code in there. Even though I think that exploit code is quite simple and will likely not do harm, there is no reason to add more risk and this could also still be used against me by trolls by being called irresponsible. So I hope folks understand why I refrain from that for now.
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Apps Updated for iPhone X Resolution

Just wanted to start a place where we can accumulate all of the known Apps that have been updated for the new iPhone X resolution. I don't know how well it will work, but my goal is to keep this main post updated with the Apps provided in the comments. I was validating each of them, but due to the number and struggle to keep up, I’m just taking new submissions for what they are (name and all). Help others by listing the full app name found in the App Store.
Here's the current alphabetized list:
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xCoin - a new altcoin project - easy to mine (for now!)

xCoin [XCOIN]

I've created a new cryptocurrency which, because it's at the early stages, is extremely easy to mine, even using a CPU. There's no whitepaper, no roadmap, it's just a project which I thought would be interesting to do and see where it leads. I also liked the name!
Update 9/1: Faucet is now available!
Update 4/1: We have a new logo!
Update 2/1: An experimental dice game/ponzi scheme is now available here:
DiceX -
Send between 0.1 and 3 XCOIN and get up to 175% back. If it's successful I may increase the limits and decrease the fee/increase winning potential in future.
Update 30/12: A paper wallet generator is now available: You can also download it to run locally:
Update 29/12: A Windows wallet has been created by antx. You can download it here:
If you want to donate to him: xQ1oQXaFzJogzsLSfAcPG1CQhovuuE8ySQ
Here are the coin specifications:
  • Maximum Supply: 52.5 million XCOIN
  • Mining Reward: 256 XCOIN, halving every 100,000 blocks. The first 130 blocks received a 10,000 XCOIN bonus [1.3m premine - only 2.5%]
  • Block Spacing: Approximately 5.25 minutes
  • Transaction Fees: Very low transaction fees with no destruction (all fees are collected by the block finder)
  • Algorithm: HMQ1725
  • P2P port: 27788
I listed it on bitcointalk last week:
Since then, the network hash rate has increased significantly, probably because somebody has set up a mining pool (details below)
I'd love to take some suggestions on how I could give this project some momentum. Happy to reward people with XCOIN for any good ideas or work :)
I think most importantly it needs to be listed on an exchange to be able to assign some value, but I don't have any budget to do this. Are there any exchanges which allow free listing?
Windows software that can be used with the below pools:
Mining pools:
-=ArcPool=- is ready for XCoin (hmq1725):
fee rate 0.9%, no need registration, payouts every 1 hour, welcome!
-a hmq1725 -o stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS -p c=XCOIN
Block explorer:
List of Nodes:
e.g. run: cpuminer -a hmq1725 -o stratum+tcp:// -u xT1m5UoWpVw9qypY9qD1zjPnNMXb2YsLpL -p c=XCOIN
We changed Our MiningPool Server to New Hardware ( Xeon1230v6, 32gb DDR4 Ram, 480GB SSD in RAID and GIGABIT Upload!! )
stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS -p c=XCOIN
Fee: 0.5%, they also seem to take 5.12 XCOIN from each block.
e.g. run: cpuminer -a hmq1725 -o stratum+tcp:// -u xT1m5UoWpVw9qypY9qD1zjPnNMXb2YsLpL -p c=XCOIN
Fee: 0.2%
-a hmq1725 -o stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS -p c=XCOIN
e.g. run: cpuminer -a hmq1725 -o stratum+tcp:// -u xT1m5UoWpVw9qypY9qD1zjPnNMXb2YsLpL -p c=XCOIN
xCoin Project
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09-22 08:53 - 'How To make Transaction Into Dogecoin Wallet | Dogecoin Payment Recive |...' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/soft-tech removed from /r/Bitcoin within 0-8min

How To make Transaction Into Dogecoin Wallet | Dogecoin Payment Recive | SOFT TECH FAROOQ
#Dogecoin #doge #exchange #mining

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency featuring a likeness of the Shiba Inu dog from the "Doge" Internet meme as its logo. In this video i telling you history of dogecoin. Introduced as a "joke currency" on 6 December 2013, Dogecoin quickly developed its own online community and reached a capitalization of US $60 million in January 2014. How does Dogecoin work. Like Bitcoin mining, Dogecoin uses proof of work which makes mining a costly process in terms of both time and energy. In order to send Dogecoins, transactions must be included in a blocks. The miners check incoming transactions against previous transactions on the blockchain.
Dogecoin is used with a wallet on your computer, your smartphone, or a website.

we are not professional financial advisors and you should always do your own research. ... This channel is all about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain also window software, window issues, unboxing and many more so like our video and Subscribe and Hit that Bell Notification for all the Latest Videos.

Social Media 👨👩‍🦱👨👨👩‍🦱👨 Community 👨👩‍🦱👨👨👩‍🦱👨 Links

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BTC Paper Wallet | How To Make Bitcoin Paper Wallet | SOFT TECH | FAROOQ AHMED


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Bitcoin Private Key Import | How Bitcoin Private Import | SOFT TECH | FAROOQ AHMED

How To make Transaction Into Dogecoin Wallet | Dogecoin Payment Recive |...
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Author: soft-tech
1: ci*yfoo*sec***gsp*t*com 2: *witt***com*S**TTEC02153284 3: www.r*****se*oft-tec* 4:*/***g*sof*-te*h 5: you**u*7YDeHV*E* 6: yo**A*N*KPMoV*M 7: yo*tu.*e/dFq**dFm*fs 8: youtu**e/PrO*7EC*BE* 9: youtu*be/o**K_h*V*Ik 10: youtu*be*OC1*WD**H6o 11: y*utu*be/fJ*Ib1*tD*M 12: yo**gx*lrM*FGs* 13: you***Lo2*zpB* 14: yout*.be*eU*Q*qOJ*m8 15: y*ut*.be/M1*5XS7*Q*A 16: cityf*od**crets*bl**spot.c*m*^^1 17: tw*tter*co**SOFT*EC*21532*4]^^* 18: **w.reddit.c**/*se*o*t-tech*^^3 19: www**umbl*.c*m/blog/**ft-t*ch*^^4 20: y***uf7*DeHVxEA**^5 21: youtu*be**T*2KPMoV**]^^6 22: *outu.*e/*Fq*r*FmMfs*^^7 23: *o*t*.*e/PrO*7ECMBEs*^^8 24: **utu*be/oY*K\_hQVzIk]^** 25: yo*tu.*e*OC16WD*mH*o]^*10 26: y*utu.*e/*JYIb1*tDxM**^11 27: yout*.be/**4l*M3*GsY]^*12 28: y*utu*be/*Fz*o26*pBs*^^13 29: *ou**U-QWqOJt*8]^**4 30: yo**u**e/M1*5X*7AQCA]^^15
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Ariel Ling, COO of ( Exchange, Shared Insights of Crypto Industry (Part II)

Ariel Ling, as the co-founder and COO of (, was invited to the interview by Fred Schebesta, the CEO of Crypto Finder ( Ariel has 18-year progressive executive experience in strategic planning, business development, budgeting and financial analysis risk management, regulatory program implementation, and process improvement for operational efficiency. She has an in-depth understanding of capital market products (stocks, fixed income, foreign exchange) in financial services and the development of international banking strategic trends (M&A, market structure, regulatory reforms and their impact). Her lustrous career on Wall Street made this interview a popular link on YouTube.
F: So with the token you know there are some investors out there. Maybe just simplify that down. Because there’s a lot of different dynamics which is incredible, but what do you think is going to drive the value of the token up?
A: This is what we are actually trying to kind of change, not all that change, but trying to get people to think a bit more on a comprehensive base. So there is the perception in the crypto world: when you list a token, the price will skyrocket, and then pump and dump. So this is not what we think healthy for the industry. What we are looking at is, where the traditional finance business fundamental view comes in is: №1, you really have to make sure what drives the token valuation; it’s about the economic model in the project. So, for example, if we list a project and that token at the beginning, it will have a lot to do with the market force, meaning supplier and demand, who’s buying and who’s selling — maybe the investor wants to sell, and maybe the people who are interested in getting a lower price to buy. So, it’s purely managing supply and demanding equilibrium. And the market making support makes sure they can match all the orders. Once you go beyond that, actually to sustain a value, it really comes down to a simple question: Does this project make money? How does it make money? So right now, for example, we listed one European project last week or so. The project was actually quite simple. It is using blockchain technology to streamline a lot of legal paperwork within the government. It makes sense because you go to government, you have to do a lot of paperwork, and that technology is being adopted. It has contract with certain government agency. So that comes in as an economic value from a revenue perspective. So, this is what people need to see eventually. For our platform token, it is the same thing. What all the users care about is when you are going to launch more products to make “me” stay on your platform to trade. №2, if I hold your platform token, what kind of benefits do I get? And how can I use your token? Because it’s a utility token, if I don’t have a way to use it, why am I supposed to keep it? If I don’t have utility for that, I’m just going to dump it. And the price will go down. So my partner George, he himself is actually a PhD from University of Chicago in Computer Science. He’s got 15 years of quant trading and traditional finance that kind of structural experience. So he structured the token in the way that it’s been utilized on platform. It’s very intrinsic in a way that it is always trying to align with the economic interest between various different projects, users and the platform.
F: So just talking about features, that are what the community has been asking about BitTreasure. People are interested in that.
A: (Note: BitTreasure, like all products on, is only for oversea users, no US users.) It’s actually interesting, because BitTreasure is actually one of those innovations we are trying to see and test the water. Because when you see what it is with the crypto, it’s very volatile. And like I said, the customer support is very important. Customer voice is important, so we listen to our user community as well. A lot of them, when they are looking at this, particularly on the volatility side, given the price movement with Bitcoin and everything, BitTreasure is actually a bit more, I hate to use the word, like the fixed income product. But it is an innovation testbed. Right now what we have launched is the size of just 50k in USDT stable coin with basically 30 days, 10 percent return. That’s it. So we are trying to test the water to see people’s interest. If people are interested in this kind of steady income-stream product to balance out the risk-taking activity with the digital asset trading, sure we can definitely open up a bit more; but this is definitely the first wave of looking to bring some traditional finance, the longer term of investment, into the highs and lows of crypto trading.
F: So, what do you do with the USDT?
A: Right now, you know, the wallet and everything is locked up. We offer 10% interest. As we are launching margin product very soon. So that is where the income stream is going to be offset against it.
F: Right.
A: Yeah, because another thing that a lot of exchanges didn’t do very well and we do very well is really about how you manage your asset. If you have all your exchange predominantly in altcoin, you can imagine your price up and down, and also the asset, what you call instead of asset growth but asset shrinkage. What we are trying to do is we want to keep a very healthy balance between the ERC 20s, the Bitcoin and stable coins, because that will basically help manage business operation day-in day-out.
F: Yes, 100%. That’s fantastic. And if you want to talk a little bit about now the roadmap and 2019 the business plan coming up. I think people in the community have a couple of questions around this, and we’ll come back to this. But now, what do you think will drive more usages of BitMax.
A: I think BitMax is the first exchange that we’re launching as part of the global platform. And when I retired, this is what everybody kind of thought — I retired from the Wall Street. My background in Wall Street, it was a little bit different. I mean, I ran trading business, I could be a trader, but I decided to do more around business management, business planning and strategy. This is kind of my forte per se. So when I was looking at the overall digital asset space, and when I was looking at where the converganece, where the building blocks, and where the hindering are, when I designed with George, I mean, he was actually the brain power behind it. He pulled me out of the traditional finance. So when we looked at it, we didn’t look at just three months. We do have a pretty sophisticated three-year plan.
F: Did you want to talk through this slide? Is that relevant?
A: This we’ll get to it by the adoption. But you were asking about is actually part of the global platform. So what we have, what we built out last year, wow it’s only 6 months but it feels long. It’s the first exchange we’ve launched; it’s Asian-based, and it’s overseas crypto to crypto. As part of the master plan, we also have intention to go down to the regulatory path, because we’ll talk about a bit about what broadens the adoption of digital assets. So what we have in 2019 is really to build on what we have in 2018 — we launched; we actually set up a global team- we got 20 people in New York, and we got 30 people in Beijing. Third, we actually set up the entire legal entity structure that allows us to have a bit more global presence from business perspective which actually includes the US. So from 2019 perspective, Objective №1 is actually to launch North America trading platform. With North America where is a very much heavily regulated market, there are two aspects of it. First is to leverage a trust structure to facilitate the major coin trading. And the second is what everybody has been going down the path of broker-dealer for the securitized token. So we’re aiming both of them in the plan, in the execution mode. So strategc №1 is to launch the North America market. Strategic №2 is actually to look at, work really hard with our team, the users, the design team, the developers, to actually optimize the platform. There are always a lot of feedbacks from the team, from the users in terms of how we improve the user experience, the graphics, the APP, all sorts of things — that’s one. Second, product innovation. So we are launching margin trading in about couple of weeks. We are actually opening test net I think this weekend. And then, the next bit piece is really about the derivatives. Because when you’re looking at any single financial market, you have to have a cash market and also a derivative market. In this particular volatile market, when you know the market is going through a bear stage, the derivative is actually giving people a lot more chances to bet your bet. So this is where we look at what the users need. Product innovation is something we are very good at. Like I said, transaction mining. We are the first transaction mining exchange that actually has transaction mining and reverse mining. Nobody else has that. And we are continuing this path of product innovation. So the idea of, we would like to see, by the end of the day, we are top 10 for sure — that’s what we want to see. And the third objective — this is a look where I put my typical Wall Street business head on — is in any harsh environment, you always have to grow your revenue; whether you grow from your existing pie which is, or you grow your revenue from new territory which is North America. And we can definitely spend some time on cost control, cost discipline. And №4 is because I had a very unique experience. I’ve gone through multiple financial crisis from Dot-Com collapse to Lehman Brother bankruptcies and everything. So in this bear market what I’ve seen, if you look at the crisis in Chinese actually, it’s actually made out of two words, danger and opportunity. So in the crisis mode, there’s always good opportunity for you to grow, whether you going to do vertical expansion, or a horizontal acquisition. So we are always on the lookout in terms of exchange alignments, acquisition target, and any business partnership from different aspects of the value chain. So that’s the four aspects of what drive BitMax.
F: And what’s the timing on the US trading platform?
A: It is between end of Q1 and Q2. So the broker-dealer part definitely is something you have to get the approval. The first part with the trust structure, we’ve already inked a deal. We have the contract, and we’ve already got the API. It’s just a matter of my technology team to prioritize their resource and start working on it.
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Homelab collective ressources post!

Hey guys!
I'm fairly new to this sub and to having a home lab in general and I found this community to be so kind and helping, I wanted to give back what I've learned. I'm seeing a lot of questions asked around on improvements and on what to do with x extra hardware so I thought it would be nice to have a thread to regroup that.
I'll put here some stuff I gathered and the most common questions I've seen, feel free to contribute and i'll update the post along.
Latest Additions
Homelab Dashboard
Posts about dashboards have been growing lately and here are some of the best that were kind enough to provide us with their sources.
User Screenshot Source
yours truly
NiknakSi TBA
yourofl10 TBA
mescon & SyNiK4L
Or build yours from scratch: PRTG API, ELK, Grafana, freeboard, JumpSquares
Some other resources: Custom Monitoring Scripts by 0110010001100010
Credits to apt64 for his original post
= Pi specific =
= Download Automation =
= Virtualization =
= Monitoring =
= Media Center =
= Remote access =
= VOIP =
= Networking =
= File Servers/Storage/RAID =
= Cameras =
= Documentation =
= Dynamic DNS =
= Backup =
= Creating network diagrams =
= Guides =
= Misc =
That's all I could come up with on top of my head + some research, passing over to you guys so we can get a nice complete list!
Let's try and stick with free(or mostly) softwares, let me know if you guys feel otherwise.
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Is there some source for the exact contributions bonus function?

I have made some more progress on a script that will allow anyone with a synced bitcoin node to generate contributions data it now matches the output from my other parser that gathers the block/transaction data from
The next step is modifying the values into an actual tez distribution value based on the block height of a contribution which determines which rewards period the contribution output was made in. Its worth noting that the same contributor could have contributed during multiple different rewards periods so it has to be done on per output / transaction basis.
Updated to apply rewards and bonuses. Some decision needs to be made on rounding but besides that the outputted data is good to go as a the basis for a claim proof. At this point the coding for the proof needs to be coded in OCaml (I'm in the process of learning it, it doesn't seem too hard)
Some python acting as pseudo-code for a dummy claim process
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Bitcoin Private Key And Blockchain Private Key-Finder Bitcoin private key finder Bitcoin Private Key Finder and How to Generate Bitcoin in ... Bitcoin Private Key Finder With Proof 2020 Non spendable Bitcoin Blockchain

BTC-Erfinder Satoshi Nakamoto war aller Wahrscheinlichkeit nach für den ersten Block in der Blockchain von Bitcoin verantwortlich und hat sich auch anschließend als Miner betätigt. Dabei könnten insgesamt rund 1,1 Millionen BTC zusammengekommen sein, die heute 10 Milliarden US-Dollar wert wären. Die Anfänge von Bitcoin (BTC) im Jahr 2009 sind bis heute von einigen offenen Fragen geprägt ... We know many have been searching for the best bitcoin private key and password generator, here you will get all you need. We are not miners, we are hackers and we are ready to help everyone who comes to us for help. Our goal is to help the poor and to make things easier for all who are in bitcoin, and we are fighting against scam, we are a group of bitcoin hacking software providers. We help ... In the case of the Bitcoin blockchain, a new block is created every 10 minutes on average. Whenever one arrives, the Bitcoin network automatically looks at all the transactions it contains, sends those payments to the correct recipients and records all the details of those transactions in its ledger. The most up-to-date version of the ledger itself is transmitted on the blockchain along with ... Buying crypto like Bitcoin and Ether is as easy as verifying your identity, adding a payment and clicking "Buy". Sign up for our Wallet today. Track who's who in the world of Bitcoin with a powerful BTC Block Explorer ; Bitcoin Address Check to see if it has been reported as a scam ; Report a bitcoin scammer like the bitcoin sextortion porn scam email, investment scam, or mining scam; Check a bitcoin wallet balance; Find a bitcoin address owner ; Bitcoin Wallet Transaction Alerts notify you by email when a bitcoin address has ...

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Bitcoin Private Key And Blockchain Private Key-Finder

How does the bitcoin private key software work? The bitcoin miner software that we have created automatically generates encrypted codes. These codes help in adding value through the website. This tool will help you Generate bitcoin , Helps you spend non spendable funds in blockchain wallet, Helps you spend funds from investment sites Watch-only a... How To Pay Off Your Mortgage Fast Using Velocity Banking How To Pay Off Your Mortgage In 5-7 Years - Duration: 41:34. Think Wealthy with Mike Adams Recommended for you BitcoinHunter is software dedicated to find private keys of bitcoin addresses with balance. This software is free to download. Download:!qj... block chain private key finder telegram;[email protected]_key_finder ⚾do you have hacked blockchain account ? ⚽and⚽ ⚾you dont know the private key. so welcome here note :- 🅾after i decrypt ...